Viking Battle Axe

Check out these awesome hand-forged axe replicas we create as a nod to ancient Viking styles. Our talented metalworkers use traditional techniques to shape each steel head and handle to look just like axes from medieval days.

Don't worry though - these beauties are totally meant for decoration, not for battle! We just want to celebrate the expert craftsmanship of old school Nordic axe-making.

Personalize the included wooden display box with custom engravings of designs, names or symbols important to you. Then show off your ornate historical accent piece on the wall or a shelf.

Whether you're into mythology, lore or just think Vikings are cool, these handmade tributes to the axe masters of the past will impress. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Will these Viking Axes be fully functional or decorative .?

All our Axes are handmade, sharp, ready to use, and functional. You can gift these axes with a Personalized & Engraved Wooden box.

What is the manufacturing time of these handmade axes .?

Most of our axes are made to order and crafted carefully with hand. It depends upon the axes design, Engraving, and Wooden Boxes engraving. In the case of our custom orders, we keep updated our customers with updates. Usually, a complex order takes 2-4 weeks.

Personalised Engraving on the Handle and wooden box .?

All our axes can have the option of Custom engraving; You can send us any logo, Sentence, name or symbol you want to engrave inside the box. We can also engrave it on the Handle of the axe and the leather sheath. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with details. Our support will assist you.

Custom Viking Axe orders .?

All the axe designs that are shown on your website are in addition. If you have any designs, You can send us a sketch of your choice. We can create the product as per your requirements

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